Web & App Development

Web & App Development

Web & App Development

Between Web & App development, DiveSEO offers robust services. Our team of developers has years of experience in offering quality Web & App development to the diverse industries we cater to. DiveSEO is the top web development company in India. We offer a wide assortment of web design, CMS development etc., and frameworks. From WordPress to Magento or .NET to PHP, DiveSEO handles all your framework needs. Plus, we offer mobile app development for when you want to add another dimension to your online presence. 

You need both a website, as well as the app’s to be optimised for usability. DiveSEO is a web and app development company that takes care of all the necessary technical considerations so you don't have to worry.

How Much Does Web & APP Development Cost?

When developing a website, the factors vary with the type of website and CMS(content management system) you need. DiveSEO offers a full suite of services from customising your domain name to professional website design. Website development services cost varies on many factors. DiveSEO is a Web and App Development Company with a variety of services including enterprise websites and e-commerce. Enterprise website production costs are lower as there are many features such as product databases, payments.

Our goal is to provide the optimum CMS and other technologies to take your business from where it is today, to where you want it to be. With services that start at $550 and go up to $2,599, we know that every business has a budget. With options starting at $550, we offer a wide range of solutions including full Web & App development, SEO optimization, and more.

Why Do You Need to Have A Website For Your Business?

Businesses today can't afford to keep their business offline. A website is integral for reaching customers, and providing them information about your products or services. DiveSEO has plenty of skills in web & app development to create websites that reach maximum performance. Having a website has become a vital need for modern business. Especially while they want customers to reach their products and services. It allows your potential customers to know what you offer, improves the credibility of the company, and is open 24/7 to customer's potential needs.

DiveSEO, a web and application development company, helps grow your ROI and business with their experienced team. With their help, you can create a website that's there 24/7 making sure your business succeeds. You'll have a chance to utilise the benefits of strong social proof and trust when customers choose your service.

Our Web Development Process

Attention to detail and client requirements is the law of the land at DiveSEO. We design a robust website for your business based on your goals and input. Create, plan, approve, develop, test and launch with simplicity. Our company has extensive experience in every aspect of web development including SEO and in different industry sectors.

Let’s Connect And Build Your Dream Website Together

Are you looking for affordable web development services? Look no further than DiveSEO. Our company has an idea that most aligns with your goals with a reasonable price tag. Stop by today and one of our representatives would be happy to answer any questions!

Looking for a trustworthy developer to walk you through the technology stack? With the right tech set up, you can outcompete your competitors and even onboard new customers. DiveSEO Website Development services will help you grow your business!

App Development Company For Your Modern Digital Marketing Needs 

Businesses need to meet the modern way of browsing the internet with mobile devices. 56% of website traffic comes from mobile phones, 10% from tablets and 34% from desktop devices. Our custom web app and client-side JavaScript development skills let us create an aesthetically pleasing web experience across all platforms, including your native app in order to meet these new demands.

Get mobile app development services from a renowned company - DiveSEO. For all business needs, we offer custom app development with the latest trends in the industry. We are creative, detailed and professional so that we can provide the best to customers.

Want a custom mobile app built for your business? DiveSEO is the Best Mobile App Development company, we have all the solutions for your app requirements, whether it’s a hybrid, iOS, or Android app. At DiveSEO, we can make an app tailored to your needs with the best in Web & App development. We help small to large businesses by lowering their target audience, registering higher ranking on Google Regional and Global Maps with geo targeting options when you need it, improving conversions and getting more leads. 

Why Get Your APP Developed From DiveSEO?

DiveSEO is a top Mobile App Development Company in India that adheres to the needs of your business, while supplying you with a timeline and budget. We have honest, transparent conversations about your project so you feel comfortable during every stage. Hire us for all your Web and App Development Needs!

We ensure your work is done efficiently by following an effective process. This includes extensive product research, ROI recheck, and listening to customer feedback for better service.

  • Initial Strategy And Goals 
DiveSEO is a leading mobile app development company who keeps your requirements in mind. They are the answer to all of your project's needs from start to finish; this includes a timeline, budget and outline of the project.

  • Sketching And Designing
We provide a rough draft for your initial app with design based on Coral Draw or Photoshop. Our UI and UX designs are developed in Figma Studio beta for your approval.

  • Development Phase
DiveSEO makes quality mobile apps that will perform well on all platforms. Once you give us the information our team will use available frameworks, languages, and libraries to develop your app. Your app service begins right away and is not just grounded in metaphors: we assure you quality content designed with your target audience in mind.

  • Testing/Quality Assurance
So how does DiveSEO create quality mobile apps? We use Appium, Espresso and other quality APM tools to perform manual as well as automated tests. These tests result in the creation of high performing and error-free apps for native devices.

  • Release And Maintenance
For testing your mobile apps, we perform a rigorous process to identify bugs and errors. Our tests run through both manual and automated processes ensuring our app performs optimally on any mobile platform.


How much does it cost to create a website?

It’s important you know your website needs so we can get the perfect plan for you. Our services include a cost breakdown so you really understand what’s involved in each service.

Do you offer domain registration and website hosting services?

Yes, with an affordable rate, we offer assistance with domain registration and Website Hosting services. You can contact our sales team to implement the privileged package of your choice.

How long does it take to build a website?

The expertise in web and app development at DiveSEO depends on what you're getting designed and developed. We create content for your website using structured data, machine learning, and human knowledge. Call us now!

Can I see the design while my website is under development?

Once the design elements are approved, we get to share our progress online via a testing server. We also like to keep in contact with our clients during early stages of development, so connect with us at sales@Diveseo.com for any questions and we can chat about your social media graphics!

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